Safety Ram Blocks

by Metal Form Products Co. Ltd.

  • Manufactured in Canada from 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • High capacity to weight ratio
  • User-friendly size encourages use
  • High-Visibility yellow helps ensure compliance
  • Durable, powder-coated finish
  • High Strength nut and rod assembly from C1018 steel
  • Factory prepared for safety interlock devices
  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Custom Colors available for color-coded device programs
  • Multiple interlock options available
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Welcome to Metal Form Safety and Controls

Welcome to Metal Form Safety and Controls

Metal Form Products Co. Ltd., located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, is a leading manufacturer and distributor specializing in, Press Room Control Systems and Safety Blocks. Since our founding in 1992 we are proud to have become a leading supplier to many large manufacturing facilities in North America.

With years of experience in the safety control industry, we understand our customer's needs and industry requirements. Extensive research and development has enabled us to supply the most cost efficient Control Systems and safety devices available.

The Metal Form Safety Ram Block The Safety Ram Block by Metal Form Product Co. Ltd is an industry first. It's unique hex shape enables the block to provided added load bearing protection without increasing it's mass.

Metal Form Safety Block

The HEX Jr.

This is the ideal block for bench, lab, small OBI punch and brake presses.

Popular for both press and in-die applications, the HEX Jr. features a 5/8 Ø" ACME thread and is available for use with loads up to 6 tons and maximum openings of 12".

Metal Form Safety Block

The HEX Block

This is the ideal block for most punch and brake press applications.

With its small foot-print, 1 1/4"Ø ACME screw and a high strength to weight ratio. It is our most popular model.

The HEX is an ideal replacement for the old, un-popular and massive ram blocks.

Metal Form Safety Block

The MAX Block

Designed for larger presses, the MAX Block provides greater load capacity at extended heights. This model is equipped with a beefy, 2"Ø ACME screw assembly.