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The HEX Jr.

Item Code: HEX Jr

The Hex Jr. Series of safety ram blocks offers incredible versatility thanks to its small foot-print, low weight and high load capacity. With models available spanning ranges from 2" to 3", up to 8" to 12" and load capacities of 5 tons, the Hex Jr. is the ideal solution for many smaller punch and press brakes.
Each Hex Jr. Safety Ram Block is also factory-equipped with an accessory bolt for the safety interlock at no extra cost!

Standard Features:

  • 6061-T6511 extruded Aluminum body.
  • 5 ton static load capacity.
  • Adjustable models include heavy-duty, ACME threaded steel rods and nuts.
  •  Factory equipped with an interlock accessory bolt. (interlocks sold separately)
  • Available in both Fixed-Height and Height-Adjustable models.
  • Factory-applied, safety-yellow, powder-coat finish.
  • Proudly made in North America.

In-Stock Hex Jr. Blocks:

Jr. 3-5  2" of adjustment, 5 ton static load capacity. Weight is only 1 lb.

Jr. 5-8  3" of adjustment, 5 ton static load capacity.  Weight is only 1 ½ lbs.

Jr. 8-12  4" of adjustment, 5 ton static load capacity. Weight is only 2 lbs.

Common Options for the Hex Jr.:

Adjustable Units

  • Base Plates
  • Safety Interlock Kits
  • Hex-Jr. Storage Hangers.
  • Hex Wrench. Use to free blocks from hydraulic presses with ram drift.

Fixed Height Units

  • Bottom Plates
  • Top Plates
  • Safety Interlock Kits
  • Hex Storage Hanger (Requires optional base and or top plate)


This memo is to recommend to you Metal Form Products Ltd. We have worked extensively with both Rob Fleming and Tom Terzakis over the last two years and found them in all ways both professional and extremely committed to our project. Metal Form is supplying Global File with all components required to bring our brake and punch presses into compliance with CSA Z-142 02. They have trained our people to do the installations and are ever ready to assist if we have problems. This project w...

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