Static Load Determination

Determine weight of ram and upper section of press tool and multiply x 2  If you do not have the original machine specifications, just use this convenient formula:

              Press Bed Area (Square Inches) x Shut Height (Inches)                  = Static Load in tons
                            1728 (Cubic Inches in one cubic foot)                                 

Note that the above method includes the weight of the upper section of the tool and provides a safety factor of 2x.

Block Height and Length of Screw

It is recommended that the block(s) be sized to suit the maximum daylight of the press (Stroke up/Adjustment up). The screw can them be turned clock-wise for shorter requirements.

  • The HEX Jr. is available with a screw providing up to 4" of adjustment
  • The HEX. is available with a screw providing up to 10" of adjustment
  • The MAX block is available with a screw providing up to 12" of adjustment

Ram Blocks and Die Blocks

Die blocks are placed between the die punch and holder with the machine stroke up.
Ram blocks are placed between the upper slide (Ram) and bottom bolster (Bed) with the machine stroke up.

While it is preferable to use die blocks for all applications, it is not always possible. Sometimes a combination of Ram and Die blocks may be required. This is common on larger presses where smaller die blocks cannot meet the load requirements, so ram blocks can be used in conjunction in order to augment the block arrangement.

Ram blocks should also be used when dies have been removed from the press. This should include all cleaning and press maintenance functions.

In some applications, as many as four safety blocks may be required. This is determined by the size of the press bed and the weight the blocks must support. On larger presses, the total slide weight must then be distributed among the quantity of safety blocks required.

The ram is usually adjustable; but each block is fitted with an adjusting screw adjusting screws in order to eliminate any possible pinch-points.

Electrical Interlocks

Each block must be fitted with an interlock that removes power to the press when the blocks are in use. Failure to properly configure and use a suitable interlock may result in property damage, injury or death.  We have two available interlock kits and each can be wired in either single or dual-circuit configurations.

While it is desirable to store ram and die blocks in a convenient location, care must be taken to ensure that the block cannot be inserted into the work area without having to disconnect the interlock.

How to use Our Part Numbers

Let's keep it Simple

Block Series               Minimum with Screw in       Maximum with Screw out

Jr.                                     XX                                        XX
HEX                                 XX                                        XX
MAX                                XX                                         XX

Example - A Hex Jr. with an 8" closed height and a 12" open height.
This block has a 4" adjustment screw.
Use Model # JR 8-12


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